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Currently, there are 9 buildings on the property; the majority of the units are accessible only by stairs; there are no studio or 1 bedroom units presently on the site, just 2 and 3 bedroom units.

The Town of View Royal’s Official Community Plan:

  • Identifies Christie Point as location for increased density. It contemplates more units at a density up to 1.6 floor space ratio (FSR); Realstar is proposing a density of 1.15, 30 percent less density than outlined in the OCP.
  • Calls for provision of greater housing choice; Realstar will offer studio and one bedroom apartments as well as 2 and 3 bedroom units. Accessible and barrier free suites will also be available for seniors and people with mobility challenges.
  • Prioritizes protecting the natural environment; Realstar’s proposal will be built largely in the same footprint as the existing development and paved areas, and is committed to the environmental restoration of the landscape through participation and accreditation in GREEN SHORES (weblink); Reastar will implement design strategies that support Bird-safe guidelines ( and well as employ lighting technology and features that mitigate against light pollution (
  • Supports greater walkability and transportation options; Realstar’s proposal features a walking path that will allow for the protection of the environment as well as increase the walkability of the site for the public. It also includes car-share opportunities, and introduces a sidewalk and paved bike path to promote connectivity.

The Town of View Royal’s Master Transportation Plan calls for:

  • Investing in infrastructure to address existing traffic congestion; Realstar’s proposal calls for a significant investment in transportation infrastructure on Island Highway and Shoreline Drive that will include a new intersection at Shoreline and Island Highway to help mitigate existing traffic conditions.

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