Christie Point Redevelopment, Victoria, BC, Canada


Christie Point Apartments were built in 1963 and are approaching the end of their lifecycle. A redevelopment project is proposed to replace and increase the amount of rental housing utilizing a new built form that respects the site’s unique natural and cultural setting. Realstar is committed to working with existing residents and the community to mitigate project impacts and concerns.

Christie Point Redevelopment

  • Christie Point Redevelopment

    In 2014, Realstar purchased Christie Point Apartments, 161 market rental homes. It became apparent very quickly that redevelopment was necessary.

    We see the redevelopment as a significant opportunity to introduce more purpose-built rental apartments in View Royal at a scale that we hope will meet the needs of our existing residents; and to provide much needed market rental housing for many more residents in the region.

    In December 2016, Realstar filed an application with the Town of View Royal to rezone the property in order to replace the aged buildings and to provide 473 new market rental units in several buildings. The buildings range in size from 4 storeys to 6 storeys in height. Our application proposes a moderate increase in density from the current – and less than that envisioned in the Town’s Official Community Plan. Buildings up to 6 storeys in height are proposed to allow the new buildings to be sited on the existing building and paved area footprints.

    This is a complex redevelopment project with important human and environmental impacts. We are redeveloping people’s homes, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

    Our research and investigations conclude that the density we are proposing is sustainable on the land and our restoration commitments will improve the overall health of the property.

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